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Having gained much experience since we opened as the only surf school in Montezuma, Costa Rica in 2007 and soon realizing the untapped potential of the outlying Montezuma surf breaks, we designed the incredible Montezuma Surf Safari for intermediate and advanced surfers.

There is such a multitude of diverse and spectacular surf breaks in the Montezuma area that even the best of surfers can keep busy for weeks on end. After all, this is the breeding ground for Mattias Braun, the currently nationally ranked #3 surfer of Costa Rica. You can catch Mattias and others on local lefts, rights, river mouths and point breaks from Montezuma to Mal País.

Each day we’ll read the conditions and set off on a trip to one or two of the best surf breaks that day within an hour’s drive. You’ll have a personal surfing guide with years of Montezuma surf experience giving you advice on the best locations, where to paddle out, how to time and catch the best waves in that area and anything else you’d like to know. If you’d like to improve your surfing, you can use this time as a surfing lesson. If you’d like to use the time just to surf in the best breaks with a great and knowledgeable local surfer, that’s up to you.

Our surf safari is limited to 4 students. Often, you may be the only one in the safari and you’ll have full say in what breaks you’d like to hit each day. It’s the epitome of a Costa Rican Surfing Vacation and one that you’ll remember fondly for the rest of your life.

Surf Safari Retreats include:

· 6 nights standard or luxury accommodations, Su-Sa

· Up to 2-4 hours surfing, M-F (less surfing at farther breaks)

· Waterfall Hike

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