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Imagine waking up, stretching, then joining your new friends for a 20 minute stroll through a beautiful, exotic wildlife reserve. A monkey drops a juicy fresh mango by your feet. A neon purple and orange crab runs into a little hole. Minutes later, you’re in the water, riding waves like you never thought you could. Cruising. Surfing! The rest of the day is yours to relax. You spend it dining in cute beach cafes...waterfall hunting…sun tanning…falling asleep in a hammock! Later on that evening, you’re off to a restorative yoga class. 90 minutes to explore and restore your new found muscle aches and pains from your latest passion of riding waves. You find your balance and your breath. You fall asleep that night, relaxed, rested, inspired! That’s a surf and yoga retreat at the Montezuma Surf School.

Of course, some spice it up with bonfires, salsa dancing and nightlife with new friends and locals. It’s all up to your imagination in Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Our yoga classes are held in a beautiful, inspirational gazebo overlooking the ocean and surrounded by mango trees. The bali inspired pavilion will have you loose and ready the second you step onto the deck. You’ll hear the sounds of the crashing ocean waves and frolicking monkeys above as you begin to connect with your higher self, offering your body the gift of wellness through restorative postures. You’ll increase strength, expand flexibility and develop elevated focus all at the same time.

Classes are Anusara inspired Hatha Vinyasa Flow. Our instructors have RYT certifications and more and years of yoga teaching experience. They’re so good that we often have yoga teachers join us for vacation and leave saying it was the best yoga instruction of their lives!

Surf and Yoga retreats include:

· 6 nights of accommodation (standard or luxury)

· Waterfall hike

Positive Side Effects of This Retreat

Have you ever noticed that surfers are ripped? Toned bodies and sun kissed skin prevail on surfing beaches in Costa Rica and around the world. Now let’s say you add yoga to the surfing mix. We’ll have you in better shape than you’ve ever been in your life. Many of our students who have stayed for 4 weeks or longer of yoga and surfing have dropped up to 20 lbs. and toned up drastically. All this while having a ton of fun and not even realizing that you’re exercising. Imagine coming home looking that good and not even trying! That’s one thing the Montezuma Surf School can do for you.

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