Costa Rica Fire Dance and Surf Retreat - Montezuma
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Wow!! What else can you say?! There is no other place in the world that offers surfing and fire poi retreats like the Montezuma Surf School! Fire poi is magical, mysterious, breathtaking and even dangerous! We’ll teach you how to do it right with 90 minute classes Monday through Friday.

Our instructors are experienced, professional fire dancers with years of experience in training and teaching. Each of our instructors has also trained under some of the most famous poi spinners and teachers in the world such as Nick Woolsey, Zan Moore, Alien Jon and Fire Groove in the Unites States, Costa Rica and even Thailand. We bring tricks, concepts and flavors from each of these experiences into our every day lessons.

Unlike other poi schools which attempt to teach up to 20 students at a time, our classes are held to a maximum of 5 students per instructor. In this way, we can teach beginners and advanced students at the very same time. We start from the skills that you have when you arrive and we build from there on a person to person basis. You can’t imagine how fast our students improve in this environment.

Classes are held on a shady patch of sand on the beach beneath palm and almond trees. We’ll kick on some tunes and start spinning in a laid back atmosphere. No pressure, no pushing, just spinning and fun. And before you know it, you’re on fire!!

When students are ready (we recommend at least 2 weeks of lessons), we’ll put on a bonfire and give you your fire poi debut. Guaranteed you’ll change your facebook profile the second you get your picture back!

Surf and Fire Poi Retreats include:

· 6 nights standard or luxury accommodation, Su-Sa

· 2 hours of surf, M-F

· 90 minutes of poi, M-F

· Waterfall hike

Surfing and Fire Dancing in Costa Rica?? Who does that?! What an awesome vacation!!

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