Surf and Scuba Certification Print

Can’t get enough of the sea? Get to know it better by becoming one with the flow of the waves while at the same time learning more about what’s beneath them.

There are few places in the world that have such consistent waves and the equivalent wealth of sea life as we do. Costa Rica is world renowned for sport fishing. Why? Because the rich tropical waters are stocked with tons of fish, large and small. This is the very same reason why SCUBA diving is so great off our coasts. Around our reefs, you’ll find a rainbow of tropical fish, eels, possibly the highest density of puffer fish in the world (I challenge you prove us wrong!) and if you’re lucky, giant endangered sea turtles, dolphins and cave dwelling reef sharks (non-aggressive). In the right season, you’ll hear the singing of whales from miles away coming to our warm refreshing waters to give birth.

Our Scuba Certification course will give you a 1 Star CMAS Diver Certification, equivalent of the PADI Open Water Diver. In fact, PADI and CMAS have an official agreement in which they recognize each other’s certifications and accept divers of each to not only dive at CMAS and PADI centers all over the world, but also to continue to higher studies in either CMAS of PADI courses going forwards. With this 1 Star Certification, you’ll have a ticket to SCUBA dive in the largest network of SCUBA centers worldwide.

Surfing and SCUBA Certification Retreats include:

· 6 nights of standard or luxury accommodation, Su-Sa

· 2 hours of surfing, M-F

· 2-4 hours of SCUBA class, M-F

· 7 open water SCUBA dives


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