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Have you ever dreamed of surfing the famous waves of Costa Rica? Montezuma Surf School will make that dream come true in the most spectacular of settings and you will have the time of your life! Montezuma Surf School is famous for our beginner surf beach which provides a safe environment for beginner surfing lessons and a launch point for surfing other, more advanced beaches around the Nicoya Peninsula.

While Costa Rica has almost become synonymous with surfing in the last decade or so, many do not realize that it’s precisely because of the consistently large waves that can be so dangerous to beginner surfers. While it’s a playground for experienced surfers, make no mistake, it can be life threatening if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Our experienced, certified surf instructors will start you off small at Playa Grande where, due to its unique geography, waves are always smaller than in the rest of Costa Rica. After a comprehensive introductory surfing and safety lesson on the majestic, palm lined beach, we’ll have you surfing on your very first day! After a couple of days of getting you comfortable paddling, catching waves and riding them to the shore, we’ll branch out to other surfing beaches including those of Mal País, Santa Teresa, Playa Hermosa and some secret spots in the Montezuma area that will blow your mind! As such, our surfing course is a mini surfing safari in and of itself, but we take the time to prepare you on our beginner beach before jumping into heavier and more challenging waters. Any other way would be irresponsible.

For your safety, our instructors have CPR and First Aid certification from the American Heart Association. Our surfing cabina and surf van are equipped with first aid and safety equipment as well. Most importantly, we are constantly evaluating the surfing conditions, wave heights and swells, wind, weather and other factors to bring you to the perfect, safe and fun location for surfing each and every day.

Our surfing cabina in Playa Grande houses 20 surf boards so that you don’t ever have to walk with those heavy and cumbersome things. Faithfully, our surf van is standing by, ready to carry another 15 boards to any of the local surf breaks within an hour’s drive. There are rights, lefts, beach breaks, point breaks, river mouths and more to explore. We have a maximum 5:1 student to teacher ratio and average about 3.5 students per surf instructor.

Hey, by the way, our unique program will give you the chance to not only learn to surf in Costa Rica but also to combine your Montezuma surfing experience with Spanish, yoga or fire dancing classes if you so choose! All Spanish, yoga and fire dancing classes are provided by La Escuela Del Sol.  We also have created a surfing safari for intermediate and advanced surfers, which pairs you with your very own surfing tour guide who virtually created the Montezuma surf scene single handedly and knows the breaks better than anyone!

Explore our website and check out our unique Surfing Combination Retreats, Prices and Schedules, information about Costa Rica and Montezuma and options for Standard or Luxury Accommodations. Send us your questions through our Contact Us page and then Apply when you’re ready to have the Costa Rican Vacation of your life! PURA VIDA MAE!!!!!

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